Vanguard® High FTS 270/FTS 372

Obstruction Lighting System

The Vanguard High FTS 270/FTS 372 lighting system is comprised of high, medium and low-intensity LED obstruction lighting. The system provides white lights for day and twilight and either red or white lights at night. It is designed for FAA towers B3-B6, C3-C6, F3-F6 and G3-G6, and structures such as broadcast communications towers, smokestacks, chimneys and bridges.

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  • Single panel integrating white, red and infrared LEDs — eliminating the need for additional red beacons
  • Standard integrated GPS provides mode change backup using sunrise/sunset data to change mode in case of photodiode failure
  • Altimeter sensors detect errors in a beacon’s tier location, eliminating installation errors and pinpointing the location of the beacon on the tower in case maintenance is required
  • Industry-leading 25 kA surge suppression rating — protecting against 99% of lightning strikes when properly installed and grounded


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