Founded in 1994, we are firmly established as the UK and Ireland’s leading supplier of marine aids to navigation. Now, we are also a UK and Ireland supplier of Flash Technology’s obstruction and aviation lighting products.

We represent world-leading innovators and are known for providing high-quality, reliable and cost-effective solutions. Flash Technology is no different.

As a member of the SPX Corporation family since 2003, the company provides advanced LED and xenon lighting solutions and systems to support their reliable operation. From wind farms and railyards to utility and telecoms towers, these products are ideal for use throughout various markets, across a range of different applications.

Through our full installation and maintenance service, we guarantee every part of your obstruction lighting requirements will be taken care of — and that we will be there for you from start to finish.

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Obstruction Lighting applications

Broadcast towers

Flash Technology has installed over 38,000 telecom and broadcast obstruction lighting systems and is trusted worldwide to reliably protect towers. We offer a range of Flash Technology’s compliant medium and high-intensity lighting solutions for broadcast and radio towers.

Crane & Infrastructure

Innovative, reliable and efficient lighting solutions for cranes, bridges, buildings and other structures. From aircraft warning lights on tower cranes to catenary tower and bridge safety lights, we provide a variety of obstruction lighting solutions from Flash Technology.

Mining Solar Safety

Locations of mining sites can make grid-based power and mining light solutions difficult to implement; however, fuel-powered generators can be expensive to operate and maintain. These solar safety lights can provide an alternative energy package for industrial work sites.

Railroad Safety

Railroad blue lights signal to operators that workers are on, under or between rolling equipment. Blue signal protection means a clearly distinguishable blue flag or blue light by day and a blue light at night. These reliable, low-maintenance lights are shockproof, waterproof and built to withstand the harsh demands of the railyard for at least five years.

Telecom Obstruction

Flash Technology has been protecting telecom and broadcast towers since 1970, with over 38,000 tower lighting systems installed to date. The cost-effective solutions are well-renowned worldwide for being safe, versatile and reliable. We supply a selection of solutions for telecom obstruction lights in high-intensity, medium-intensity and catenary lighting categories.

Utility Tower Obstruction

Utility tower obstruction lights and lighting systems to protect transmission lines, chimneys, silos, flare stacks, water towers and other tall utility structures. The systems control light pollution and offer advanced features such as GPS synchronisation, infrared and real-time system monitoring.